A Message Concerning Recent Connection Issues


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Dear Mabinogians,

Over the past week, Mabinogi has been experiencing issues with game stability and login. Since then, our teams have been working around the clock investigating the issue and have made a great deal of progress in identifying the cause. We decided to bring the game down over the weekend to isolate and address the issue. This was not an easy decision. We care a great deal about the game and its community and we knew how difficult this would be for all our players.

In addition, we have included a patch that would curb certain malicious behaviors.

Mabinogi is now open, and we are continuing to monitor the game very closely until the problem is fully resolved.

We understand that this explanation doesn’t begin to compensate you for the lost time and frustration you have experienced during this period. For that, we sincerely apologize and would like to offer Mabinogi players the following compensation package once all technical issues are resolved:

·If you have VIP or Premium Service, you have already had the duration extended by 48 hours.

·We will be offering double EXP Event in the near future.

As we monitor the game and work to resolve these issues, you can help by immediately reporting any login or connection difficulties you have on this special forum thread.

Thank you for your understanding. Your support, patience, and loyalty is why we continue to work to bring you the best possible game experience we can.

The Mabinogi Team