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In evergreen trees, year-round spring Youla continent to be a long time, will gradually start to miss the special taste of winter. Cold wind in dry air scatter debris crushing snow, people wrapped in heavy winter clothes into a frost breath ... In "Rocky," the world, thousands of miles Piao want to see the scenery of the north, Palestinian snow must be your choice. Coincides with the long ago "Rocky" Large Winter Games start the heat, guests from afar can not only experience some snow fairy-tale kingdom, but also involved in the project to show its mettle, would not Le zai?

December 14 to December 21, "Rocky" winter is about to enter into the second project - skiing. Experienced on a project in the "jump the snow," the soul-stirring, the "ski" the fun and charm will give you even crazier. Speed! Slow down! Turn! Athletes pedal skis, ski pole hand, feel the speed in the cold to bring the passion, draw a road in the snow on a beautiful arc.

During the event, players log in the "Rocky" to receive special ski tasks. Then, you simply go to Palestinian snow, follow the prompts to click on the banner placed at the starting point, we can begin this exciting and fun in a ski race of the. Grasp this opportunity to figure out a good speed, good control point of view, I believe that dashing you will be able to get good grades! If we can successfully reach the end within 52 seconds, then congratulations, a furry warmth, "the sheep robe" on the part of your strategy!