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The major issue with private servers is that they bypass the creative process of designers and developers.They make copies of the original game by using the creative assets of which they have no legal right to use.Please know that intellectual property has more than a monetary value; private server creators violate the intellectual property rights on games by using it for their own personal interest. It is for this reason that we take legal action against any and all private servers running Nexon Mabinogi Gold games.There is no such thing as a Nexon-approved private server.Another danger private servers pose concerns the security of information.When you register to play on a private server,you are blindly surrendering your personal information to non-professionals who have no legal obligation to keep your personal information secure.There is no telling what they can do with your personal information!We have heard some claims that private servers don't make money or ask for donations (some do), it is technically not illegal.This is incorrect. First of all, collecting donations does not automatically make a website a charity or a non-profit organization.To become a charity or have non-profit status, strict guidelines must be followed and government approval needs to be met. We doubt any of the private server sites would fall under those guideline.Therefore, a private server website accepting donations would still be classified as a commercial endeavor which is performing illegal activities.Nobody is fooled by the "donation" scam.