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From the "Mabinogi" South Korea's official news website, October 20 "Mabinogi" South Korea conducted a comprehensive update server. This update open the "food" system, players to buy food through the tools and materials, the player can not make food stores, but may make their own food with additional properties. In addition to "food" system opened up, this update also the much anticipated "fishing", "revolvers" two functions into a formal update on the server. These two new game systems is to reflect the skills of the game, and "phishing" are life skills, in addition to using the skill to catch fish There may be caught outside the weapons, scrolls and other mission-game items. And "revolvers" are combat skills, Archer can use the skill fast shot five arrows, enhanced fighting archers. The update also adjusted according to the views of players related crossbow skills, the official said that certain players with the full and perfect the game design, and results such as