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Do you have some extra NX you want to use on some great deals? Check out the Mabinogi in-game cash shop over the next week. Every day, we will be holding a sale on a different item! Take advantage and get the most mileage out of your NX!

On Thursday, January 13th, the special sale item is the Unrestricted Dungeon Pass! On sale, fifty percent off the original price, you can pick up this convenient item from the in-game cash shop. As many know, to gain access to the more difficult dungeons in Erinn, you'll need to find the appropriate pass during your adventures. The dungeon passes you find while out in Erinn are very specific and have limitations. For example, you may find a Ciar Intermediate Pass for one person, but you may have more friends interested in taking part in the dungeon with you.

With the Unrestricted Dungeon Pass, you can pick any difficulty and any amount of players allowed in that dungeon (with the exception of Boss Trial). You can go directly to any dungeon you wish to enter with the Unrestricted Dungeon Pass!

For Wednesday, January 12th, the sale item will be the Double Combat Skill Potion. After consuming this item, you will gain double the skill points when training new skills. For example, if you're working on getting Windmill from Rank 4 to Rank 3, you would need to attack multiple strong monsters at the same time for a total of 0.30 Windmill skill points. While under the effect of this potion, you will receive 0.60 skill points! Using this potion reduces the time spent gaining skill points.

Check back with this post to see what you can get as the week goes on!