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                                                                Farewell my lovers
   In that warm spring afternoon in London, I met you who make me unforgettable in my life. Thank you, it is you that make me in the game are not alone, and make me feel love is a kind of happiness at the same time is a responsibility of being loved. I spent a little mabinogi gold to get happiness, but now, everything can only memorizes but should not go back.
   I agree with one word what you have said, plating game is just for fun, however, the player put real life to the reality of mind game currencies like the reality is not happy because of the games to determine the attitude. Because of this, in the appointed night, because of your failed to keep the appointment, I cried. I am greedy but also be easy to satisfy. I think this is love. Because of my lovely personality, loving jokes I finally tasted the bitter fruit of my own brew, if you have no love, I will strive to achieve my own goals in the games, if there are no mabinogi money, there will be no fun in the games. Today, accompanied by the disappearance of love, I have no strength to face Erin scenic beauty.
   In the evening you and my brother are on the line, but no one said hello to me, I was very painful, but I still had your greetings, you are still to race, and decided to go Lunda, they flew to London, in London, you met the boy brother, you have no time to say anything and you offline, and later he told something to me. You do not give me an explanation, and this is your personality. At that time, I suddenly feeling the beauty of the scenery in my eyes does not offer any vigor, I feel you being in the camps, and that name being a bit similar to people is just you. I spend a lot cheap mabinogi in playing games, I knew I lost mabinogi online gold but I got happiness at the same time. You still on, I tell you to go to camp, but you have not come, I did not realize my love stared in London; it is also over in London. Thanks for my brother, he let me in the LQ exciting play for a month, thank you, you let me have beauty of love in a short period of LQ,I have to go, and I will not buy mabinogi gold,but I love you forever, farewell, my lovers.