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In the "Mabinogi" players will meet in Hangzhou, the players went to the site can not only free Internet access in advance to see "Rocky Hero" beta version of new content, feel the smooth cool game different from the past experience, and you can enjoy the wonderful hot COS performances, and more beautiful Showgirl accompany the whole play! Meanwhile, more on the "Rocky Hero" first-hand information, a lot of information about the latest version of the world's best players will meet with the hot start will be in front of you presented one by one. In addition, the site of many fun interactive activities and from "Mabinogi for everyone to prepare a large number of well-chic "ho" ceremony also will be able to stir up your passion for your gift to a laugh this weekend and early winter surprise! How? Said so much, you are not also long been unable to bear the throbbing heart of it? So this weekend (December 10), let us similar to the banks of West Lake, similar to "Rocky Hero" players in Hangzhou will meet it! See you there!