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Blade MasterThrough a quest to seal the demonic presence in his arm, the Slayer can become a Blade Master. Blade Masters utilize sheer damage per second output to become glass cannons, or they can choose to utilize super armored-techniques in an Exorcist-style strategy, or even become air-based warriors, depending on their weapon equipped. They do not gain many extra skills as the other classes, but gain the ability to quickly chain their starting skills together as well as the ability to use upgraded versions of them with certain kinds of weapons equipped, provided they invested skill points into upgrading the masteries of that kind. They wear Light Armor for the passive hit recovery bonus, though Heavy Armor can be used for more unconventional purposes. Most Blademasters choose to use their specialty weapon called the Lightsabre, of which access is granted when the Slayer becomes a Blade Master. However, all Blade Masters can choose any kind of weapon (Or two, or three) to wield; some choose zanbatos (great swords), some choose bludgeons, and some even choose to use the magic-oriented weapon kinds like katanas and short swords. Blade Masters can be visually identified by their white arm (In place of their red one) which is caused by a regulating device that helps to suppress the demonic influence residing in the arm.