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                                                                      Happy birthday
   Today is still an ordinary day, nothing special, but it is my birthday. Maybe with the time goes on, when we are no longer young, the birthday becomes no important. I remember as a child, every time my birthday was coming, how happy I was. I always expected the colorful presents. At that moment, I was the happiest person in the world. It is Friday. After work, I come back as usual. Everything is so common. What should I do when I get home. Maybe I should do something to celebrate for myself. Maybe mabinogi gold is not a bad thing. So long time, I do not touch the online game. Maybe in the special day, I can enjoy myself.
   I feel some frustrated. What dose it mean. I think, our ideas are always strange. As children, we dreamed to grow up soon. In our opinions, that kind of world was so wonderful. However, when our dreams finally came true, we began to miss the past days again. At that time, all the happiness surrounded us. We were loved, taken care of by our dear parents and grandparents. They always remained us the best things. We only knew how to have a good time. Though at that time, the online game did not appear in our everyday life, we even did not know what was cheap mabinogi, however, it became no important. We truly enjoyed ourselves in the unknown games. Maybe they were not so wonderful as the online game to some degree, but in those periods, they were the most valuable memories in our minds.
   However, the reality always makes us disappointed. We are not sure since when we love to recall the past things. Maybe we are not young any more. More and more unknown difficulties will appear in our lives. Sometimes we truly feel tired and even want to escape from the cruel reality. However, it is impossible. Even though the virtual world is attractive, we also can not indulge ourselves with mabinogi money. After all we have to face the reality bravely. Nobody can help us. Only we can help ourselves. Then gradually we are independent. Our high potential is far out of our imagination. Actually we are strong, not weak.
   Maybe it is a special day for me. So I have a mixed feeling. It means that I am a little older than before. When those children also talk about how to buy mabinogi gold, we suddenly find we are truly older. It is unavoidable. We have to accept the truth. No matter what, I should do something special. Then I finally decide to present myself a special gift. It was not mabinogi online gold, but a beautiful dress.