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Welcome to our site. I hope you have a wonderful time in here. We get the information in other site for Pet Forest players; hope it can help you more or less. If you have no time to earn Mabinogi gold, you can come to our site and have a look.

In game's character may choose from 10 years old to 17 years old starts to carry on, once in a while character association president is big, outward appearance after 18 years old will again not change, but the age will proceed to push as before. Each age can increase the attribute, but increases the attribute and the points are decided food which eats in you, will affect your build. For example egg will eat too many will change fat, has eaten sub-possibly will look like the root bamboo pole. Buy Mabinogi Gold will be helpful when you are playing the game. When fight the evil spirit only will then enter will not escape, and will have the attack, will feign death defends, skill, pursuit (drop attack) and so on richly colorful pattern. On PC the monster will also pursue and so on, therefore attentions! PVP to fights also possibly promotes, perhaps also will have PK, monster AI is quite outstanding, this please feel in the game. The BOSS is such big, the injury is also astonishing, also the evil spirit will attack when will be spoken (we cry ~), has Yang ~ who will speak the human words, because GM will hide in, therefore has not gone hunting probably.

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