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Shyla Starhearth: grand lady of the High Elves, foremost priestess of the Vigil, the voice of wisdom and compassion when the Guardians hold council. Shyla: bold and brilliant, bolstering the faithful with kind words and inspiring sermons. Without her, the Guardians would be swept up in zeal and lose track of their conscience. She keeps her people on the path of the gods, yet behind her flawless beauty is a soul as sad as the first icicle on a bare branch.

When Shyla was a young maid (as Elves reckon youth) she served as a priestess of Tavril. The wild goddess had sworn the High Elves to serve as guardians of the untamed places, and Shyla devoted herself entirely to keeping her people on the path of faith and stewardship. Like a pristine forest glen, she lived a life of serene isolation. Until she met Hylas, and everything else nearly burned away.

Prince Hylas was the pinnacle of Elven grace, swift of foot and mind and blade, full of blazing passion rare in the cool forest-folk. He and Shyla loved for centuries, harmonious as sun and sky. The songs celebrating their love could fill the grand library in the Chancel of Labors. Soon, the songs lamenting their parting will be even more numerous.