Introducing the new Mabinogi beginner experience!

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Some of the most common feedback we've heard about Mabinogi from players when starting out is that the game is simply too hard or too different from the other types of games players are used to out in the world. We've heard these concerns and wanted to make the beginner experience a little friendlier to new players who are just getting started in their Fantasy Lives.

Thirteen Nao Soulstones
The first thing we've done is added three more Nao Soulstones to a starting player's inventory. While it may not seem like much, those three additional stones can make the difference in a beginner completing a dungeon, or suffering the harsh consequences of being knocked out in battle and having to start from the beginning.

Free Skill Resets
When starting out in Mabinogi, a player may often be blown away by the amount of skills in the game, attempting to acquire as many as possible in the early levels. While it is commendable that a new player would want to learn as many skills as possible, sometimes we make mistakes that we wish we could erase. Duncan, the village chief in Tir Chonaill, now has the ability to reset all trained skills to skill level F. This is not only a great way of amending mistakes in training skills, but will also allow beginners to try out different types of skill sets, from Archery or Alchemy to Magic or Life Skills. Duncan's free skill resets will be offered until the account reaches a cumulative level of 100.

Daily Rebirths
Many new players may also be unfamiliar with Mabinogi's rebirth system. Because Mabinogi is generally thought of as a skill-based game, in the grand scheme of things, levels are not too important. Many players are far more interested in advancing the ranks of their skills than gaining a cumulative level. To encourage new players to gain as much Ability Points as they can, accounts that have a cumulative level under 100 may rebirth for free every 24 hours. Non-beginner players must either wait until their characters age to 20 or rebirth weekly so long as they are in possession of a Character Card. A daily rebirth allows new players the chance to gain as many AP as possible in a small amount of time, while at the same time acquainting them with the Mabinogi Rebirth System. Similar to Duncan's skill resets, daily rebirths will be offered to a beginner account until it reaches a cumulative level of 100.

Free 7-day Thoroughbred Horse Pet
Another common point of feedback we've received about Mabinogi is the sheer amount of travel that is needed to do in order to complete quests, especially when a player embarks on one of Mabinogi's mainstream stories. To address this problem, we have placed a free Thoroughbred pet card in every new player account that is below cumulative level 100. The Thoroughbred is an excellent and speedy mount and is sure to whisk players along in their travels across Erinn. However, the free Thoroughbred's inventory has been disabled and pet will expire seven days after it is created.

With all the great new features added for Beginner Service in Mabinogi, there has never been a better time to start!