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Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent does not quite follow the mold of traditional steam-punk. Chrysalis is a fantasy world, not modeled after reality, and in addition to its necessary and current online Mabinogi Gold and steam-powered roots, it is also populated by many magic-users and supernatural creatures.

While there are coal-powered factories and furnaces, the primary source of energy comes from Neo Steam, which is much cleaner and more efficient. Because of this, the world's pollution levels are relatively low, especially in more responsible societies like Elerd and the Taxn Alliance.

However, Neo Steam is also at the center of the massive cold war between Rogwel and Elerd, and both nations are reliant on this limited resource.

Unlike many works of steampunk fiction, the citizens of all the major nations of Neo Steam are free from oppression, and the corrupt monarchies of the past have been overthrown long ago. As such, citizens spend much of their day attempting to make a name for themselves (whether by inventing something brand new or performing feats of heroism) and fighting to protect their nation.

The intense loyalty that citizens have towards their government is an important factor in this world because it also has helped create governments which look out for its people's interests.

Meanwhile, despite its cosmetic differences from some of the genre's norms, Chrysalis is still full of all the fanciful steampunk machinery and vehicles... and of course, the steam!