It is an amazing dark inside in the process of gold sales

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Many players found that after the purchase of gold, their ID were stolen, and characters' equipment and gold all disappeared. What is the reason? Attention - hackers are stealing your Mabinogi online gold, which is related to WoW gold dealers, hackers, Trojans producers, liar, etc. It's an amazing dark inside in the process of gold sales.

James Wong, as the theft of WoW gold, has worked for two years. By a chance, he met a Trojan's author on a hacker Website. Soon, they became friends. James Wong has been playing World of Warcraft for more than a year, often troubling with no gold.

So he thought of cheating gold with Trojan software: created a fake gold trading site, and then placed Trojan on the website. Once a user visit it, the game account is likely to be stolen.

At the beginning, the website traffic was not large, so James Wong promoted his Website all kinds of methods, and even cheated the game players known in the game to this web site for transactions.

According to James Wong, in the first three months, he has successfully stolen 30 players' information and run sack their game characters.