It is the newest map that gains from mabinogi money.

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 It is exciting to hear Mabinogi of english version close beta is coming soon. As a loyal fun of this fantastic game, I have played Mabinogi for two years and a half on chinese server, with its comic style graphics and grand excellent music, I felt that I was live in a comic world when I entered it. Now my character of chinese server is unique. I am glad to share my mabinogi experience and my way of making more mabinogi gold with all friends who will begin his or her epic journey in the world of Erin. So at the first, I shall talk about the geographic of mabinogi, do not be so eager to know everything, I want to say, I will try my best to write everything I know aobut this game for you and I hope everyone who like this game can gain funs and cheap mabinogi. World of Mabinogi, from the world map of this game, I would like to say that, the first one is about the map that is based on C2G7S1 in chinese server. That is to say, it is the newest map that gains from mabinogi money, and it means chapter Two, which is the story goes on. The second one is that when CB begins, its map will not contain so much information as the map above shows. The last one is that what you can say when seeing this map.