Mabinogi Guide to Swordsman Class

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The first attack is gained by the student and is called Master Class in Mabinogi, a medium damage AoE attack, which seems to trigger more the longer you with your teacher, and your luck in love. The teacher also has a Master Class attack, but theirs is a high damage attack to only a single target. Finally, the student can sometimes trigger a buff called Gurus Guidance, which gives a +10 agi bonus at level( 5, and lasts 20 seconds, and this one is triggered off luck in love and the students.

At level 5 it seems to have three abilities. First up is the Love Bomb attack, which is a medium damage AoE, triggered by time spent with lover and luck in love. Secondly, when on low HP, you can get the Refreshing Kiss, which will give your lover a maximum of +1000 hp back. Finally, if your lover should die, you can use the Kiss of Life to restore them to, well, life, with 800 hp.