Mother, I love you

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                                                                   Mother, I love you
   I have not been back home for a long time. These days I am always with my business. This weekend, I plan to have a good rest at my own home and visit her next time. I am tired, maybe something like mabinogi gold let me relieved. However, the special day which only belongs to mother is coming. I am sure I should do something for her. In fact, I want to tell mother so much I love her. However, I am a man of undemonstrative nature. Even though I love her so much, I only hide the special strong love in my heart.
   I think I should buy some roses for my dear mother. I know she love the red roses so much. Maybe I can send the flowers and my love by express mail. Mother must be happy when she receives the beautiful flowers. Truly, I should appreciate my mother. Without her encouragement, I can not get the achievements easily. These years, I get along with my business, I am certain it must be related with the great support from my mother. Maybe I should cancel my first plan. I had better come back home in the special day, but not stay at home and touch cheap mabinogi. It is no much significance. To accompany with the person I love is the most important.
   When I think of the virtual mabinogi money, I feel so shameful. I can not be so selfish. I should share more time with mother. These years I am always out, developing my own career. Though one day, I earn so much money, without mother, it is also insignificant. Mother always considers for me from my angle, she is so considerate. However, compared with the love from mother, the love I give her is so little and insignificant. Is it interesting to buy mabinogi gold, it is only a virtual world, so remote from the real life. I should not have only considered for myself.
   I can share more time with my mother. The tiredness and something called mabinogi online gold is only an excuse. When I remind of the good caring of mother, I fell uneasy. I finally stand up. This special day, I will accompany her and share good time with her together. Mother, I love you. Then I decide to send the bunch of red roses to my mother in person.