My poor friend

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                                                                    My poor friend
   I always did not know what was the matter with my friend. Every time when I got online, I did not see him. When I tried to find him in the online game, I still did not meet him. I could not conceive that he left the virual online game, because he once told me how interesting mabinogi gold was. However, at present, he left. Now what he was doing.
I could not get any information about him. He seemed to suddenly disappear in the life. Finally I received a message from him. It was read he could not play the online game any longer. Something like cheap mabinogi had nothing to do with him any more. I was puzzled and asked him what he was busy with. Much to my surprise, he said he was always in a bad mood recently.
   Since his father knew he indulged himself in the wonderful online game, father got very angry. He criticized him seriously and warned him not to touch something called mabinogi money. If he continuously played the online game against the will of father, then the consequences would be much terrible.At that moment, my friend was reluctant to accept the order. He said the online game seemed to become an essential part in his everyday life, and he got used to it. So it was so hard for him to stay away from the online game.
   Then one time when father was out, he could not stop himself playing the game. He said he could not refuse its magic. How attractive it was. When he entered the virtual world again, he became so energetic. However, it was a pity that there was not any mabinogi online gold left in his hand. Because these days he did not have a chance to get online and everything in the online game changed. What should he do. Without enough gold or money, he could not continue the game. But he did not have any money with him. His pocket money had been used up.
   Then he could only turn to his father for help. However, if father knew how he spent the money, he must lose his temper again. So he could not let father know the secret. Then he could only took some money from the coat pocket of his father. How excited he was at that moment. However, when he planed to buy mabinogi gold, his father suddenly came back. How miserable my friend was. He had to accept the punishment again.