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Well title says it all but i am not really into PvP,  at least right now.  I am looking for a guild that always have group activities that has you moving around the world and hunting, questing , exploring this together even if its just going some weird place to fish.  I really like helping out others and i have the time to  kill so if this sounds like your guild can you give me marker location.  Also maybe tell me abit about your guild and maybe some of the latest conquests or whatever.  Guild Wars sound interesting so i wont shy away if asked to take part.  I see markers all around and have met lots of players from different guilds but i want to here from you why you think your guild is the best for what i am looking for.  Um... I only got to write all this cause the servers are down but i have been thinking on it for awhile also let me know if you and i have hung out as i meet lots of people and can't always keep it straight i hope i here some great stuff from lots of guilds before i choose.