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Today, the "Rocky" G14S4 "beacon of hope" version has finally updated, in this exciting moment, believe that the new map "Carp port" is bound to be people scrambling want to go. And this new port town and prepared specifically for you what fun activities, now let us take a closer look it!

Dun Balun east through the woods, is a new and convenient sea port town of Carp, as the Youla-largest economy in the mainland is another business hub, but it is buried in the surrounding area is extremely rich in treasures. October 26 to November 6, between 19:00 to 22:00 every day, the players in the new town will have a chance to catch fish, "Karp chest", open it randomly to win attractive props! Fred wants to explore the mysterious treasure port, you have to quickly pick up the little angler fishing rod, action!