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Heart of beauty in everyone, "Rocky" were all the more all the time in the pursuit of beauty is not high enthusiasm, this autumn in September, an unprecedented grand (more companies) of the "Rocky" Today a grand pageant opening! If you have not had time to grasp the tail of the summer, and that 2011 "Rocky" Miki Meng Mother microblogging show activity in this Kiyoaki will lead you to regain the season of hot summer passion.

"Rocky", a number of US-based all female NPC graceful, looks the same good, and our lovely players are diverse, different. Today's game is no longer just a male player of the world, the beauty of people everywhere. May have numerous fantasies that women working night and day with your partner look like reality? May want to see that the game got you the truth about her? Royal Sister, or Lolita, 2011 "Rocky" beauty event in which we put up the dream of the big booth!