The abilities of mobs and high hit points make a bit of a pain to farm

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Nagrand: (18.7%) 65-66 Voids spawn in the southwest around Ushu'gun. These actually give you a little Mabinogi online gold health regeneration buff after you kill them, which help with farming them. They have a small health pool.

Hellfire Peninsula: (18.7%) 61-62 Vacillating Void callers and Collapsing Void walkers on the edge of HP east of Zeth'gor.

The abilities of these mobs and their relatively high hit points (compared to the Nagrand ones) make them a bit of a pain to farm.

Vacillating voids gain 75% resistance to spells of the school they’re first hit with. If you open with immolate and proceed with just shadow he will probably switch to 75% shadow resistance later on.

The Collapsing voids will explode for 1000-1.500 shadow damage when you kill them. The radius of the explosion is small though.

Hellfire Peninsula (10.8%) 60-61 Rogue and Uncontrolled Void walkers, these have low hit points and make for easy kills, but have a low drop rate.

Terokkar Forest: (18.8%) 64-65 Infested Root Walkers and the occasional Rotting Forest Rager. Find them all along the border of the Bone Wastes. You should always do a search when putting items up at the AH anyway, because the default recommended price is usually off.