Those new characters trying to find their place in Mabinogi gold.

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The Dungeon Package combines the items you'll want to quickly get a party together and rolling through your favorite dungeon! It contains a Dungeon Waxen Wing (an item that will transport you to any previously visited dungeon), a Friend Summons Capsule, a Remote Healer Coupon, and a Party Phoenix Feather... just in case things go wrong. The Dungeon Waxen Wing is only available through this package, and is not sold separately.The Buff Package really lives up to its name! It contains one of each stat-boosting potions from the cash shop including Protect and Defence Buff Potion, Stamina Buff Potion, Mana Buff Potion, and HP Buff Potion. Bulk up with this limited-time package deal!For the kid in all of us is the Kids' Package! The Kids' Package contains a Pet Age Potion, which temporarily places your pet's age to one year old. In addition to the Pet Age Potion is a 10-year-old Age Potion, just for you! Temporarily set the age of your character to ten! Check the cash shop for the huge savings you'll receive from this package!Everyone was a freshman in Mabinogi, and we want to ease the awkward first few days as you soak your feet in the world of Erinn. The Beginner Package should help out those new characters trying to find their place in Mabinogi gold; it contains a Beginner Gachapon, a Full Recovery Potion, and a Remote Healer Coupon. Just enough to ease the anxiety of a newbie!