Two scores of people

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A focus only on their own writing, living in their own world to enjoy the happiness of the people, but also never is able to write at the end, the unfortunate curse of being a writer. His life in between comedy and tragedy free, he is never get out of the quagmire of the book Shakespeare's fate figures - Gore Wang.

Erin got a new life, but to guard the hearts of lovers once again choose to sacrifice him. She is like moths to a flame like that desperate, but still cannot grasp the tragic fate of the heroine of the trend - A Shilin.

Paper disputes two scores of people, "Rocky" G14S3 new version of the main plot turn you start moving. Never heard of the story, nor has experienced twists and turns, to come and go several times "paper" for a beautiful look for you, you go to the game to visit Gore's busy world, together to find this "paper" made "film" language moved. The new sequel to the Renaissance drama suddenly pulled the curtain; let us join hands to listen into this bizarre story about Gore himself busy and A Shilin it.