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                                                                We arrived at there
   I met you first when you are six in that city. You were not there yet. I was six and a half and in Florida on my first vacation by plane with my mabinogi gold. In that airport my mother gave me a spoonful of bitter yellow Dramamine and then held me up to the drinking fountain, and the icy metallic water got that bad taste out of my mouth. The medicine made me drowsy, but still I was scared. How the plane will stay in the air, I asked. How will they understand us in Florida, do they speak another language there. My father, a kind and peaceful man, talked with great about engineering matters. He talked as though he personally knew lots of engineers and liked and admired all of them. Engineers were great men who can earn so much mabinogi money, he seemed to be saying. My mother, who tended to scorn things, laughed at my other question. Of course they speak English, it is not enough country, she said. Everyone knows that. These answers were pleasant, relieving like that mouthful of cold water after the Dramamine, but fleeting. Everything was fleeting.
   We took two planes with the ticket bought by mabinogi online gold. The first plane was big, and to be in it felt like being in a house. It was not really moving, apparently. I sat between my mother and father in a row of three orange seats and was given strange pillow that seemed to be made out of paper.
   After that plane we came to buy mabinogi gold took a very small plane that roared beneath us and seemed to be going terribly fast, just faster and faster, over water. I felt that I was trying to hold on to something, though I could not say what. It was getting harder and harder to hold on, the faster and faster we went. We are almost there, we are almost there, the grown-ups kept telling me, not only my parents but also other adults on the plane, we are almost there, and I tried to hold on but finally could not anymore, and as we rushed in and down to the runaway with our cheap mabinogi. I threw up into white bag someone held for me, and everyone forgave me, and I was given more water and everything went back to normal. Yeah, we arrived at there.