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Trion Worlds, known for making a big deal of everything, has no intention of slowing down now that MABINOGI is in full release. Starting now, players will begin to find strange dragon egg shells and coins raining into the capitol cities in the Spoils of War prelude event. These mysterious objects are the focus of four new daily quests that reward the Ascended with coveted items.

Then beginning next Tuesday, May 10, MABINOGI will unlock patch 1.2: The Spoils of War, containing many new and useful features! You can now enter slivers and steal triumph from the dragons' jaws in alternate time streams. These 10-man outdoor instances will play a major role in determining the real world make-up of Telara.

Of course, the invaders are limitless, and the Ascended, while mighty and many, must rally together to strike telling blows. The new Looking for Group system will help you quickly recruit Ascended for any dungeon, quest, or Mabinogi.

MABINOGI is also releasing a nifty feature this patch that I personally adore. You will now no longer be forced to accept the looks of gear just because it has the best stats. You can assign a different looking piece of equipment the stats of your best gear to ensure your look is customized the way you like it!

And with MABINOGI 1.2, you can share your adventures on Face book. A series of simple in-game commands lets you post your accomplishments to your Face book page. True geeks rejoice, your deeds of greatness will not go unknown.