Attack some of the facilities

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Finish "to go to school," the task will receive "a small collection of green beads," the task. You can attack some of the facilities within the city get green beads, and click the task bar get the job done, the system will reward you with 1 point AP and logging ax coupons. But do not know where to exchange logging ax, can only continue to go around, and Deere Cornell after all the NPC dialogue can be explored to the south. Cornell went Deere to the most south you can see the road corridor Dugard. Dialogue with him will be able to change the logging with the ax, and will receive the logging task. Logging equipment, the right hand edge of the woods with an ax to click you can start logging the trees, collected firewood and then to 10 and "Tracy" dialogue to complete the task, reward is 1 point AP.