The first tasks at the same time

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When you wake up already in a strange world, this is the birthplace of novice - Deere Cornell; you can walk everywhere, to know about the surrounding environment. When you find a village 'Duncan' and to talk to after the completion of the first tasks at the same time get 30 experience points reward. The first task after the completion of a period of time, the game will bring you to the messenger the next task "study break skills."

And the hotel door, "Laura" dialogue can be aware of "rest" skills, a break can be used to place up to F-class skills. Task of learning the skills to complete rest, it will trigger the next "to go to school," the task.

Deere came to Cornell to the west you can see the school, the playground of the NPC is responsible for teaching the central martial arts teacher, "Leonard", according to their requirements with his dialogue can be learned after the completion of the steps, "fighting mastery" F-class , and gain 1 AP and 100 experience points reward.