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As a Mabinogi Online player, sometimes you may need Mabinogi Online Gold and Mabinogi online silver, the price is low. We will introduce the background story. The game is wonderful and attractive, the Mabinogi gold and Mabinogi silver is cheap. Outside the numerous gods, one compared to a god status higher god. He has the growing out of nothing creation ability, also has from has the purification ability. His mysterious strength has encountered the numerous god envy, thus sealed in darkness by numerous god. Before sealed, he tries his best, the angry creation was condensed the complete strength the mystical object--Stone of the light. He used up the stone to console his soul, and exhausts his final strength urging Stone of the light to take revenge. Afterward, he vanished forever in the inexhaustible darkness. The numerous gods feared with the revenges, they use all means to eliminate up the stone. However stone of the light eventually is not thorough eliminated, but is staved. 

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