The pursuit of dreams

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After a few days enjoy the carnival, "Mabinogi" 6 anniversary of the birthday event is gradually drawing to a close. Deeply into the feelings, we all doomed to a more permanent attachment. Ilya beautiful and fertile plains of the north wind whine and Palestinian snow, smoke curl Deere Cornell village ... I believe we will never forget the joy that we experience with and passion, and realized that our common and the pursuit of dreams.

"Mabinogi" of the 6-year-old birthday is enriched with surprise and joy, especially during the event on the "wish blessings wall", we see far more than the players like an avalanche of snow Message, but we felt from very real strong love! We have a small fledgling novice, all the way to make all sorts of partners experienced a moment of common struggle, enjoy the pleasant time ... the hands of the weapon is our most loyal companion, mandolin playing back out of a the first wonderful music.