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Autumn to early winter in November has been able to feel the chill obvious, but it did irrepressible "Rocky" Carnival of the players’ high enthusiasm. With the birthday party pull the curtain opens, a file is another file exciting activities Secret Behind series, whether you are a "Rocky" new friends or old friends, I believe we can have a good time and go!

If you have little different from the "Rocky" a few days, now let Na take your child home slightly. We prepare for you a rich return ceremony, come together with the former partners to share on-line birthday feast it! During the birthday party, "Rocky" also for everyone on a crowded annual sale will be - that is, buy the service packs to make, super ultra-practical limit Meng pet, keep you from shopping be happy, do not miss it! In addition, with the theme of this gorgeous, more players we tailored a new "national mobilization" activities, you are bound to activate every cell of the body to experience the rhythm of a dripping fun!