Your opponent will come back before the bandage finishes it is heal

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When you find yourself in need of retreat, remember that Hamstring is your friend. Hit whatever you’re fighting before you run, and you stand a much higher chance of getting Mabinogi Gold away.

When you’re not in an instance, mobs will only follow you so far, so often you can get out of an unwanted battle, eat some food and come right back in a minute or so, before any respawns show up.

As far a fighting style, use whatever you’ve built your character to do. If you tank well, great, take on two at once and take them out.

If you’re an Arms warrior choose your weapon that best fits the situation and will inflict the most damage. For a berserker, you can use your rage to pull off some great attacks, but be careful not to get mobbed doing it.

A couple of cautions - watch out for aggro. You’re not going to want to use Taunt at all when soloing, just go ahead and hit the guy, there’s no one else for him to attack.

If you need a heal and can’t use a potion, try stunning your opponent, stepping back and using a bandage. Your opponent will come back before the bandage finishes it is heal, but a little healing is better than nothing.