Mabinogi Commericals: and now a word from our sponsors!

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Ever wonder what commercials would sound like in the world of Mabinogi? What exactly is Osla's marketing plan? Does age come with experience in with Glenis being the Dunbarton town grocer? How in the name of Morrighan is Ferghus still in business? Every business needs to advertise, and we want you Mabinogians to flex your creative muscle and show us some videos featuring the various shops of the Mabinogi vendors. Pitch their wares to us! Why should we buy from Atrata? Does the quality in Zeder's goods make up for his attitude? Be creative, and have fun!

Entries should be between fifteen seconds to one minute long. This event will run from May 21st to June 4th.

Ten of our favorites will be favorited and combined into a playlist over on our very own Mabinogi channel at YouTube (! While you're at it, subscribe to our channel and become friends! More events and exclusive Mabinogi videos will be released into our YouTube channel, so make sure to keep yourself up to date!

In addition to being featured in the Mabinogi YouTube Channel, commercial winners will also receive all three of the new pets just released today! That's a Clover Pig, a Clover Gnu, and an Afghan Hound, all included for winners.

To participate, please post your entries in THIS thread.