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Welcome to the Iria war thread. This is where I will be posting updates/new chapters to my Fan-fiction. But first,


Do not spam/make unnecessary comments. It's pretty annoying.

Criticism is nice, but keep it constructive?

DO NOT USE ALL CAPS THE ENTIRE POST. I've been writing a lot and that's the last thing I want to see, and I get enough of the all caps in the Guild chat.

Please don't post repeatedly when you character will come into play. It takes a little while to start everything up, be patient and I'll get all the characters in there as soon as I can.

DO NOT Quote this first post or entire chapters.

I'm still accepting applications if you want to jump in real fast.

[The Elven Army]


 He's a right ranked archer and a Holy Knight too. Fighting mostly with a bow he will switch to swords for close combat. The thrill of close combat is nothing like the thrill of watching your enemies fall before they can scratch you. Allied with the Elves due to his hatred of Giants, he vows to rid the world of all Giants.


Also known as the Duke of the Ant Hell, he's considered a rouge but fights along side the Elves. It would appear as if he doesn't fight because he hates the giants, but more so because he loves the thrill of being surrounded by death caused by himself. The elves consider him an ally even though they are not quite sure if he's and elf or a human at all. He seems to very very manipulative.


One of the first elves to discover the power of the ancient Irinids. She has recently obtained the Falcon Wave status. Due to this, Castanea herself has ranked her highly. She mostly sticks to her strengths with a bow but if needed, she will switch to a wand and use magic. She's not one to fight One on one but should somebody need help, she's the first one there.


One of those who more recently became an heir to the power of the Irinids, he only recently became a Falcon justice. He's extremely intelligent allowing him to see a few steps ahead of the others when fighting. He always manages to put a smile on the face of surrounding soldiers when they need it most. Despite all this, Castanea has not yet chosen to rank him very high.


A Holy Knight in the Elven army she fights with grace avoiding blows in ways many others cant. She always has to look good while fighting and cannot stand looking un-original. Although most of the other soldiers wear their matching armors, Bibiyona alters hers to her liking, unfortunately, she has a "thing" for a certain Giant ally...


 A Falcon Wave soldier whose skills with a bow are unmatched, humans may load five arrows at once but Corelli's speed and accuracy puts their skills to shame. His ability to hide is a great advantage to him. Unfortunately a child with a stick may have better swordsman ship than him. His skill with a blade are horrid meaning that he sticks to his bow and will only use magic as a last resort.


The most beautiful soldier on the battle field. Her grace while fighting is rivaled only by Bibiyona. This often causes conflicts on the battle field between the two. Soriyu is an Infra Black which has put her second to few in rankings in the Elven Army. She does not abuse her powers but due to the fact that she is part Fomor, many of the soldiers fear her, even though they have little reason to do so. She posses a Dragon blade which she rarely uses, she usually sticks to her Japanese blades, one in each hand. Her Final Hit is second to none, and certain death on the war grounds.



One of very few Dark Knights who have joined the fight against the Giants. He doesn't hate the giants with a passion  like many but when forced to choose a side, found the elves much more inviting. Even though he enjoys reasoning more than pure combat, he can use almost any melee weapon to his advantage gaining him the nickname; Ten sword kaiza. His ability to kill multiple enemies around him by thrusting his weapons outward in a spinning motion makes him a great threat.


Very long black hair, down to her hips, and rich violet eyes. Has very pale, milky skin. When in battle, she wears an light coat of armor, a pair of Tioz armor greaves, a grace armor helmet, and fights using a custom-made by Meles long sword with a round shield, all in the color scheme of aqua blue. She's close friends with Atrata and fairly good friends with Meles, and has extremely miniscule knowledge of foreign humans, courtesy of Castanea. Her personality is sharp and mildly cold, if not a bit sarcastic. She keeps her mind and heart well-guarded, though if you break the surface, she can be kindhearted. Many say it's because of her cruel past and extreme hatred of the giant race that she's this way. She began training in hand to hand combat at the age of seven.


 Joined the army to pay for his sons treatments. The elves quickly took it upon themselves to add Dave to their army as he was a well ranked Holy Knight in Emain Macha. When fighting on the ground he uses his two Gladiuses. Switching to a bow only when upon horseback. The elves find that he has much potential and have placed him higher up in charge to prevent his death. This way he could stay in camps and fight only when absolutely needed.

[The Giant Army]


When he fights he makes sure that his opponent can clearly see his face. He feels that his rivals should be honored to be killed by him. He does not hold back and will go out and hunt down those who have escaped him in battle. His weapon of choice is two Wooden blades his father gave to him before he took part in the war in Sen Mag. They were dyed black and have been upgraded often. They have a sharp edges making them just as deadly as any other sword. He is a Chaos Knight and has chosen to fight with the rest of the infantry.


He has the ability to use any skill to his advantage by realizing its full potential. When in battle does not provoke violence but lets the battle find its way to him. He is a Holy Knight which has put him higher up in the rankings inside the Giant army.


He is a Chaos Knight who loves using heavy armor. His weapons are always oddly colored and never have a typical silver blade. He tends to venture through dungeons often to find his blades. He fights only with Smoke, an Infra Black also allied with the Giants. Mike has a highly ranked control of Chaos allowing him to easily manipulate monsters to his advantage.


He is childhood friends with Mike and the fight in sync. Smoke recently obtained Infra Black status putting him up there as Krugs right hand man. When he fights he makes sure that he finishes them off leaving them no chance to survive. He then makes sure there is little or no trace as to what happened. When he and Mike fight together they are a force to be reckoned with.


Iipoch is humorous in his own way. He talks slow and nonchalent-like, but most of his remarks are seemingly light-hearted, even if he's the only one that thinks so. He has smooth, light brown hair thats cut short and preppy style. While his "humorous" remarks may spark a verbal conflict or two, he never actually gets quite angry, he just shrugs off his problems like the nonchalen guy he is. he is a paladin and loves being nothing more than a normal soldier.


A very skilled mage who has his mana literally split into three parts: Ice, Fire, and Lightning. He has control of each type of mana individually. He can combine his separate mana energies into multiple different spells that not even the worlds most skilled magician can dream of.His magic has propelled him to "the top of the food chain" in the human world.  Many regard him as a god who will save the world when the opportunity arises. However, he has started to become disilluioned with the world of the humans and fomors and has found a secluded recluse in the snowfields of Physis. Needing supplies, he has developed relationships with the giants that live on the nearby plateau. In return for supplies, he stops all elves from entering Vales with his "Hide"-peircing detection spells. The giants wish to have him help them plan an assault on Filia. So far he's gone along with their plans until he finds that the giants want to eradicate the elven race from the face of Erinn, and immeadiately warns the elves to prepare for an assault...