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We all know that mabinogi is a train class game, this is not the means to play it aim is to save the day underground bubble levels, but the game apart from chatting to the outer, almost everything depends on skills to support the skills have to be out of voted AP, to AP, after all, can not escape the brush on the ground floor to train class.

You should abandon the long hair streaming in the game, because it has proven far from Mao"s crying all day long people are practicing is not high, mentally very tired, our machines and nets are not very good, playing dead into the ground floor are common, our approach is firmly run the goddess.

It was long hair used to cry, will cry inside, or friends where crying, may be the problem, and others are also delayed rescue time, the experience was far away also, why not run it, there is far from Mao"s time is earlier than shouting to run back to play a strange room, and experience has also added back. So, some people hold the idea of running the goddess loss experience absolutely wrong, we call him far not seen what our hair than we were trained in high, say cry more awkward your own psychology of it.