Trudge mabinogi gold through boggy swamps.

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Trudge mabinogi gold through boggy swamps, hunt big game in expansive savannas, or ford treacherous rapid rivers in a huge new area! Check out all the new skills including Metallurgy, Charge, and Magic Shields. Pick up your very own thunderbird and take to the skies! It's a battle of strength against dangerous field bosses, the giant alligator and lion. Further specialize skills by honing your discipline.Learn the ropes of Metallurgy, discover the newest fashion scene to hit Erinn, check out the flying pet preview, and see what the GMs are up to in the GM blog, all in the second edition of Erinn Walker!Several new useful items are coming to the Advanced Play service, including HP, Mana, and Stamina Elixirs, Dungeon Waxen Wings, Friend Summonings Capsules, Metal Dye Ampoules, and more!North American mabinogi gold have the first shot at the limited Magician Gachapon. Everything the magically-inclined needs, including clothing, mana potions, even two exclusive items, just for North America: the Beginner's Wooden Lightning Wand and Thin Rimmed Glasses!
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