Mabinogi Gold players are used to the cold weather of Physis.

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This snowy and very windy area is surrounded by valleys and mountains and is where the field bosses, Mammoth and Yeti appear, so players will need to be alert. Physis's Reus River is always frozen and Giants can stomp the ground near the river, breaking the ice to go fishing for food.While similar in appearance to the existing human characters, elves have pointy ears, are usually pale skinned, more elegant in their dress, and run about 1.3 times faster than humans or giants. Bows are their main weapon of choice and they can shoot monsters while riding horses and shoot two arrows at once. Elves live in Connus and if they spot a giant or a giant's supporters, they will attack without mercy.Giants are gigantic, muscular and bare creatures. Mabinogi Gold players are used to the cold weather of Physis, their homeland. Their strength allows them to knock down certain types of trees with bare fists, carry logs as weapons or even a human character over their shoulders. If Giants spot an elf or their supporters, they will break their spine.