Newbie how to learn basic combat skill

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Both for the newbie or the veteran, mabinogi is as important as experience and skill in game. Mabinogi players can not live in game without mabinogi . Many new players are eager to look for some quick way and guide to improve their experience. However, I do not recommend newbie just beginning to experience everything in line. I think that newbie can spend some time in the wolf zone. Over there you need train the basic combat training operations out. Now I introduce the following method:

A person, a horse, at the time of you cut a wolf, while the horse kicked another wolf. If you kill wolf all the time, so you can exercise two things:

Wide vision. You can not just stare at one monster, but should be able to see the large situation. This may are good for underground operations in the future. You can not just stare at the monster being played, but to see the situation of the whole room.

Put into action when you are able to see the whole situation. In means, you should adjust to simultaneously control 2 units. When you could skillfully cut down one side of his wolf control the horse while playing another one after the wolf, and then join the skills practice.

Mabinogi's battle is so something. A person who will be playing, and one does not play, the difference between them is:

Newbie only see the monster being played, rather than looking at the whole situation.

A newbie can only control the one unit, rather than simultaneous control of 2 units.

To address these problems: a mandatory, forced ourselves. Remember, it was mandatory, because no one will not start, we must force ourselves to such a twist over, forcing ourselves to do so.