Mabinogi Gold players get your Transmitter for crafting.

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Pick up all the Alz drops, for sure. Dismissing some item drops may be understandable due to full inventory or the item is too bulky to carry.Below Level 50, you should pick up any loot and NPC them. Unless you have a character that is level 50+, dump the Aramid/Shadow-steel/Citrine into storage, and do the below.At Level 50, and Mabinogi Gold players get your Transmitter for crafting, you can break down items into Material Cores, and you will get some Alz back whilst you do that too. The lowest grade of items you can destroy with the Transmitter is Aramid/Shadow-steel/Citrine.Also, you start to find Basic Craft Materials in Port Lux map... Pick them all up! They could worth something, and they do stack in your inventory, or if you wish to do basic craft yourself in the far future, then you could save yourself some money AND time to look for the materials.