The Swordmaster Guide to Mabinogi

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This Mabinogi guide will provide an introduction to the Swordmaster and give advice on how to play the class. We have been in war beta since before the High Elf/Dark Elf pairing was created. As the Swordmaster class is free, while we have been playing almost every other category. As a Swordmaster, we have leveled from 1 through 40 over the course of multiple beta phases.

We have tanked and DPSed nearly every PQ in the Elf and Empire zones, and we run every instance currently in the game, including the King battle in Inevitable City. So when we say we know a thing or two about Swordmasters, hopefully you have believe us.

The Swordmaster is one possible tank class, so that players can choose to play Warhammer Online. Initially as an anti-magic tank design, and later became blurred. The Swordmaster's advantage comes from the ability to wear heavy armor, and the ability to deal with the spirit, not a lot of damage to material losses.