Mabinogi Gold players hope you've enjoyed the sneak-peak into the workings.

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Next we have the Antique Mimic. Just by looking at his stature, we can see that he's quite the fellow, adorned with a rich purple coat and golden filigree, ridges, and hinges.They're a bit stronger than their Wooden cousins. Not quite as strong as bears, they can still pack a punch on an unsuspecting monster. Antique Mimics are noticeably larger than Wooden Mimics. As such, their inventory space is significantly larger, 6x9. The larger size also allows for the accommodation of two extra party members to hide inside. The stoicly faithful Antique Mimic will shield those inside from attacks.Of course, like its cousin, the Wooden Mimic, the Antique Mimic can also swallow severely injured monsters, turning them into statues. You can choose the type of state to produce by outfitting the mimic's inventory with a certain kind of metallic plate. Nothing in the inventory will produce a cement statue, while gold plates will produce a golden statue.Mabinogi Gold players hope you've enjoyed the sneak-peak into the workings of the chattery mimics! Keep an eye out, they're coming soon!