Mabinogi Bowman Guide for the Leveling

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Levels 25-35 in Mabinogi: This is the place where you will get very sick of Bandits. At level 25, you can go and kite Blade Bandits solo, or maybe bring a party for some company. These guys run way to fast for you to kite effectively, and you will regret attacking them. Anyway, it is a good idea to find a spot where Blade Bandits do not spawn and just draw them one by one into your little spot, so you can run around and snipe them.

At this point, you will need lots of potions and lots of ginseng because you will be using lots and lots of chi. If you get hit, it can really hurt. At about level 27 or 28, you can try and find the Blade Bandit Boss. Look around for a Blade Bandit that is non-agro, and is not holding a sword. To hit and run is always the best way. He is the same speed at the normal Blade Bandits so it is not so bad. If you get other Blade Bandit is following you while you kite the boss, either drag the mob through an area which run away from the mob, and hit the boss from as far away as possible to get him away from the group.

The second way to kill him is to get a party and have one of the members, probably a healer or blades man, hit the boss and run around with it. If they keep running, it should keep targeting them, providing you the chance to hit him as hard and fast as possible without having to worry about moving. The third way is hard to do, but works semi-well. If you happen to know any higher leveled people, you can ask them to tank him for you. As long as they keep hitting him, you can just sit back and sniper and not worry about getting hit.