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Str food in Mabinogi:

Instant noodles with a knife collection logging tool box with ax tailor rabbit doll. Pop empty bottle bouquet of flowers sickle vest skirt and trousers, 5 badges badges on the 7th Lute modulation tools Mongolian medicine hat fruit thieves, rimary school uniforms boots female Mongolian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry fruit fruit travel clothes travel clothes male Mongolian longbow. Roman sandals crossbow dagger stripes M Jianshi gloves Large Shield. Monte fruit hat waist thin clothes cat Bob Kerr personal robe flame ninja magic gloves. Lute Master feather hat patch shoes Gladiator metal helmet.

Will food:

Candlestick wine merchants tok bracelets cap shoes. Paper magic scarf multi-purpose fishing rod tablespoon hat badges on the 4th. Ginseng mandolin cloth gloves to protect bald hat gloves. Pop businessman Jian deformation soft boots hat light chopper helmet. Cloth shoes.

Food Luk:

Socks magic flower box small hoe Pop shirt and trousers. Bracelets inlaid underwear on the 2nd set of plates marked marked on the 3rd board marker board on the 6th.

Association on the 10th stone marker set up license plate tok composite bow hunter blacksmith shoes clothes. Jianshi gift with school uniforms female ring tri-color gown gloves guard hair tail cap. Pointed cat ears hat cap tok short curved blade machetes tongue magic sword wing gloves doctors Cole.