Mabinogi Guide for Warrior and Berserker Build

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Mabinogi: First you need to use potens dash dna for 20 sec cool down on charge instead of burning dash dna, you will use this skill A LOT. Burning dash should be at 6 since it gets 35 meters range at that level. Shackle is more than enough at level 5. Wrath awakening should be left at 1 since it only affects auto-attack, unless you are planning on maxing attack speed in which case should be at level 5 max, from 6 to 7 it only adds 1% crit rate so is not worth after 5.

And fear is a must have to at least level 4, you can make an extra dmg output, instead of maxing slayer dna leave it at level 4 and use that point on final wrath dna, just one, it adds extra 11 dmg to all your attacks, including skills such as slayer. Thank you for reading, you can do your build as follow as well: Strengthened Courage 5, Strengthened Slayer 4, and Potens dash 5, Strengthened Lethal Death Blow 5, 3 at our level, but you get our point, Strengthened Two-Handed Weapon Mastery 5, Strengthened Final Wrath.