“Mabinogi" Summer Passion leveling champion player interviews


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Since the “Mabinogi" film this summer launched the latest information, "a romantic farm", the attention attracted a large number of players, and in the same period, the game has a lot of new on-line to the force's activities. The race attracted many players entered the new service of "passion leveling game" for everyone to show a vast arena, a time, "Dean", "Payne" two server players morale, scrambling to list launched a sprint!

In a crowded gathering of Erin continent, "blood" is the key word warriors! First arrived in quick step you want to win the other side, so naturally has its own opportunities and skills, today we have the honor to interview this event Breakthrough to capture the lead players - Magic small days (hereinafter referred to as: magic). Hold it in award IPAD2 joy and go at the same time; he would be happy to share with you this month leveling experience!