The most important item is the glove which has attack dmg and critical

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Legendary items are colored in green. There are total 3 tiers so far and have additional stats which depend on Mabinogi Gold classes. BUT they neither do not have a socket nor cannot be socketed. Therefore ppl commonly equip standard armor and helmet instead of legendaries.

The most important item among the legendaries is the glove which have attack dmg and critical. The Tier 3 glove is MUST-HAVE item.

EXPANSION: Expansion items are only dropped from monsters, purchasable from users, and exchanged commission quest rewards. Not like legendary, its armor and helmet are fully socket-able. A set of expansion item consists of 3 items.

Expansion items are available at low level but not considerably used. The most valuable expansion items are a set of level 110 helmet, level 112 armor, and level 114 pants.

This build is for the soloers that do enough damage to wipe out the target, but have enough healing to survive multiple attacking monsters. Unlike heal and glass cannon build.

Step up to the Regena and talking to her will complete the Crespo dungeon. You will get obsidian as a final reward. You can exchange the obsidian buff food or accessories at the Loa/Braiken castle.