Mabinogi Temporarily Shuts Down

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Nexon has announced that they have been forced to temporarily shut down their popular Free-to-Play Fantasy MMORPG, Mabinogi. Recently hackers have been running wild in this particular MMO and have left a catastrophic path of destruction behind them, resulting in what most are calling 'Mabinogi Apocalypse 2012'. It all started with a hacker who created a tool that could essentially summon a player to a tent, allowing the hacker to delete any items the character is holding and then proceed to corrupt that character's data on the server making it unplayable.

Besides this havoc there were also reports of cash shop hacking and duping taking place. Nexon stated that taking the game offline was not a decision that was made lightly but is a necessary step to remedy the issues. All players who have been the victim of one of these hackers can rest easy knowing that Nexon is currently working very hard to bring the servers back online with everyone's items and characters restored. The hack will also be hotfixed as to prevent this sort of thing from happening again and Nexon has sent their thanks to all their honest and loyal players.

The entire incident should now be under control, will Nexon be able to fix these hacking issues for good though? It seems as soon as a hack is made obselete, a new improved version is released and hackers return to business as usual. Hopefully the issues which allowed the hack to access certain GM commands and corrupt data will be fixed in a way that will never allow such a thing to happen again. There has been no announcement on how soon the servers will be back online so all we can do is wait and hope that Nexon does a brilliant job at fixing Mabinogi.