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After level18, you can grind at black wolf area, it might be tough to take down these black wolves due to that your equips still suck. But collect 10 black wolf scrolls quests give rly handsome rewards. Fastest way to earn money we heard. Mobs sometimes drop scrolls, usually are for collect scrolls quests. Just save the money for duel swords. If duel swords are not released in English Mabinogi yet, just get the best dmg weapon you can find.

Continue to grind at black wolves, but it should be much easier now. Next thing is save money for a good set of armors. Level until 30 here. Grind at goblins and bone wolves at level 30+. Again you can collect their scrolls for money and exp. For titles, choose defeat bear at age 10 or defeat bear with 1 hit.

Combat skills in Mabinogi: mainly add crit, smash, windmill. Other skills are not as useful. Magic Skills: healing (F) and ice (F), just for luring one more at a time. Other skills: firstAid-needed for high level dungeon. Enchant add abilities to equips. But the good thing is that it does not require you to be good at fighting.