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                                                              Missing Mabinogi Forever
   I can forget 2005 summer when she, Mabinogi, came to me, and addicted me into her fantastic dreaming world. With these memories, I hardly accept the reality that this game was out of sight for a long time. Two years passed, I still remembered the scene of fighting against wolves in Tir Chonaill with friends, sharing fruit which was got by our mabinogi gold around a fire, fishing in a clean pond. Mabinogi brought me the most unforgettable memories in my game life. Though many new players even do not heard of the name of this game, I am sure that Mabinogi is one of the greatest game in latest 5 years old.
   Well, when players PK in Mabinogi, it does not really mean it, it can be expressed as competition or something. There is no sneak raid, if you want to fight a player, you should first get his or her permission, then in a restricted area, and players will have five seconds freezed to make their own preparation, when the fight beings, win or lose, it depends on your own cheap mabinogi. Here is some mabinogi money I took months ago; I was the guy wielding a thick sword. And I know it is rude enough to beat a woman.
   In Mabinogi, if you do not transform, you can not equip the strengthened armor which is unique to Paladin or Dark Knight. But, we can use some mabinogi online gold to edit some dates in the setup menu to change the clothes we wear. As you see, the characters in the following pics have been modified. They equipped the special armors with out transforming into Paladin or Dark Knight. The taller guy is one of my best friends in Mabinogi and he was the greatest ironsmith in our server. Well, in this pic, he was the leader of Paladin force.
   As a kind of fantastic online game, I think Mabinogi is more similar to comic and need to buy mabinogi gold, cuz the characters, mobs included all look cute, so maybe it is the reason why so many girls playing Mabinogi. Ok, let me share you some collections I gathered. They are all drawn by fans of Mabinogi. I like them very much, for example, Nao: obviously she is the only character in Mabinogi can be called perfect. Succubus: she is very hot and she always arouses my sexual desire. I can remember how many times I get married in Mabinogi, maybe five or six. Whatever, well this time I married with my lovely daughter that she likes calling me dad in Mabinogi, I do not why.