Nexon takes Mabinogi offline indefinitely due to 'malicious activity'

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If you were looking to play a little Mabinogi to kick off the New Year, you might want to make alternate arrangements. Nexon has taken the free-to-play sandbox offline in order to deal with the recent spate of "malicious activity" going on in-game.

Mabinogi went dark yesterday, and Nexon says that it does "not have a specific time for the service to re-open." This is the second time in the past three months that Nexon has disabled the game, as the company dealt with a rash of unauthorized RMT issues and botting as recently as October of 2011. As per usual when MMO security issues crop up, the company has not released any details, saying only that "we feel that we have no choice but to take the game down in order to prevent any further malicious action."